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Who are Christians?

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ who lived over 2000 years ago. Christians try to live as Jesus did, bringing hope and healing to a broken world.

Christians fail a million times – something we acknowledge in almost every service of worship. But, we also experience the liberating generosity of God who sets us free.

Those who follow Jesus are called to get stuck into the life of their community and the wider world, thus bringing in small ways the life and liberation of God to all those who wish to receive it.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about Jesus, you can visit www.rejesus.co.uk and www.christianity.org.uk. But Christianity is about relationship and community, the best way to find out is to meet some Christians. Why not find your local church?

What is the Church?

A church is a community of people who are called by God to create the space in which others can find that they have been found by God. The church does this locally by offering worship, community, service and outreach.

What is the Church of England?

The Church of England comprises 44 dioceses (regions) of which the Diocese of Leeds is one. Each diocese is led by a Bishop who is responsible for appointing clergy and other ministers, ordering ministry, service and outreach, and joining other bishops in serving the wider national and international scene.

Each diocese is divided into parishes, and everyone in England lives in an Anglican parish. The Church of England uses the parish system to connect to everyone in the country.

WYAD diocese map

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