Manningham Statistics

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On the overall deprivation scale, where 1 is the least deprived in the country, this parish ranks 12689 out of 12775 parishes in England. In other words, the parish is among the most deprived in the country. The population of this parish is 20,675.

These figures come from the Church Urban Fund website which aims to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised.

Here is a full breakdown of the Church Urban Fund figures for the Parish of Manningham. Link will open in a new window.

There are also statistics to be found on the Diocese of Leeds website from the Church of England. The short spotlight brings together a range of information about our parish, both in terms of our congregation, but also the wider community living in Manningham.


We are Christians tackling poverty together in England.

Individuals and whole communities can become trapped in a web of poverty and right now more people are suffering and in urgent need. Symptoms include low income, dependency, homelessness, hunger, isolation, poor mental health, social exclusion and violence. Poverty destroys confidence and shortens lives and those born into poverty find it hard to escape.

Church Urban Fund is about churches and Christians working together to tackle poverty in England, to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised. We are the Church of England’s poverty charity and work through local diocesan partnerships of churches and others (the Together Network) to uniquely tackle poverty at local community level.

The Church of England is already present in the poorest communities and we aim to strengthen existing resource and capacity, to be more effective and sustainable for the long term.

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