School visits

Saint Paul’s is a first class resource offering a perfect venue for Learning Outside the Classroom.

It is full of opportunities for the children and young people to experience at first-hand. This place of worship, with over 160 years of history, tells two different kinds of story: the Christian story and that of Manningham, from its early days as an industrial township to its present multicultural diversity.

Saint Paul’s special nature provides an important R.E. resource. Here is a ‘living building’ – not a museum, where every feature has a particular meaning or use to discover. Children and supervisors of all faiths feel included and welcome as they explore the Christian Faith through the church. Small groups of children with special needs are welcome and disabled facilities are available.

VLUU L210 / Samsung L210

Refreshments can be provided and we have toilet facilities.

Our Story Telling Room provides an ideal location for children to listen and engage with a wide variety of tales, both from the Bible itself as well as from other sources. It has some marvellous authentic Victorian stained glass windows.

For further details and to arrange a visit:

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