Room hire

We have 3 rooms available for hire.

  • Wedding receptions
  • Children’s parties
  • Family gatherings
  • Training courses
  • Sport activities
  • Work meetings

The rooms have good access to the kitchen and toilets. All rooms have a good supply of tables and chairs.

Ambler Hall


The largest room measures 15m x 7m. Ideal for sports activities or conferences.

Mitton Room

MittonBoard MittonConf

This room is close to the main entrance, it measures 8m x 6m. Ideal for meetings or smaller gatherings.

Hollings Room


Another good room for smaller gatherings, it measures 7m by 6m.

All of the rooms are on one level and provide easy access from the road for wheelchair users.

Hire charges

We welcome enquires from people who require a room for a single event, or long term hire. Charges are per hour or per session.

A session is:

  • Morning: 9am to 1pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm to 5pm
  • Evening: 6pm to 10pm

The prices shown are a guide only.

  • Ambler Hall: £20 per hour, £50 per session
  • Mitton Room: £15 per hour, £40 per session
  • Hollings Room: £15 per hour, £40 per session
  • All rooms: £50 per hour, £120 per session

To make a booking, contact:

  • St Paul’s Church Parish Office
  • 63 St Paul’s Road
  • Manningham
  • Bradford, BD8 7LS

Parish office: 01274 482495

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